gh-pages / com.nextfaze.devfun.compiler / ELEMENTS_FILTER_INCLUDE


const val ELEMENTS_FILTER_INCLUDE: String (source)

Restrict DevFun to only process elements matching filter elementFQN.startsWith(it). (default: <none>)

Value can be a comma separated list. Whitespace will be trimmed.

In general this shouldn’t be used and is primarily for testing/development purposes.

Example usage (from test sources):

android {
    defaultConfig {
        javaCompileOptions {
            annotationProcessorOptions {
                argument("devfun.elements.include", "tested.developer_reference.HasSimpleTypes, tested.custom_names.")

Will match classes tested.developer_reference.HasSimpleTypes and tested.developer_reference.HasSimpleTypesWithDefaults, and anything in package tested.custom_names. (including nested).