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Package com.nextfaze.devfun.core

Core DevFun package - handles loading and processing of modules and definitions.


Name Summary
AbstractDevFunModule abstract class AbstractDevFunModule : DevFunModule
Implementation of DevFunModule providing various convenience functions.
ActivityProvider interface ActivityProvider : () -> Activity?
Function signature of DevFun’s activity tracker/provider.
ActivityTracker interface ActivityTracker
Activity tracker that provides the currently (resumed) activity if present.
Composite interface Composite<T : Any> : Iterable<T>
Use by providers to facilitate user provided types T to the composting provider.
DevFun class DevFun
Primary entry point and initializer of DevFun and associated libraries.
DevFunInitializerProvider class DevFunInitializerProvider : ContentProvider
Used to automatically initialize DevFun without user input.
DevFunModule interface DevFunModule
Modules that extend/use the functionality of DevFun.
ForegroundTracker interface ForegroundTracker
Application foreground state tracker.

Type Aliases

Name Summary
ForegroundChangeListener typealias ForegroundChangeListener = (foreground: Boolean) -> Unit
Function signature of callbacks for foreground status changes.
OnInitialized typealias OnInitialized = DevFun.() -> Unit
Callback signature if/when DevFun has been initialized.


Name Summary
devFun val devFun: DevFun
Currently active/initialized instance of DevFun
devFunVerbose var devFunVerbose: Boolean
Controls trace-level logging. Disabled (false) by default.
isDevFunInitialized val isDevFunInitialized: Boolean
Flag indicating if DevFun has been initialized yet.
resumedActivity val ActivityTracker.resumedActivity: Activity?
Extension function to only get the activity if it is resumed.


Name Summary
call fun Invoker = devFun.get()): InvokeResult?
Convenience function for invoking a FunctionItem using the current devFun instance.