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interface InstanceProvider (source)

Provides object instances for one or more types.

A rudimentary form of dependency injection is used throughout all of DevFun (not just for user-code function invocation, but also between modules, definition and item processing, and anywhere else an object of some type is desired - in general nothing in DevFun is static (except for the occasional object, but even then that is usually an implementation and uses DI).

This process is facilitated by various instance providers - most of which is described at the wiki entry on Dependency Injection.

To quickly and simply provide a single object type, use captureInstance or singletonInstance, which creates a CapturingInstanceProvider that can be added to the root (composite) instance provider at DevFun.instanceProviders. e.g.

class SomeType : BaseType

val provider = captureInstance { someObject.someType } // triggers for SomeType or BaseType
val singleInstance = singletonInstance { SomeType() } // triggers for SomeType or BaseType (result of invocation is saved)

If you want to reduce the type range then specify its base type manually:

val provider = captureInstance<BaseType> { someObject.someType } // triggers only for BaseType

Be aware of leaks! The lambda could implicitly hold a local this reference.

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Name Summary
get abstract operator fun <T : Any> get(clazz: KClass<out T>): T?
Try to get an instance of some clazz.


Name Summary
AndroidInstanceProviderInternal interface AndroidInstanceProviderInternal : InstanceProvider
CapturingInstanceProvider class CapturingInstanceProvider<out T : Any> : InstanceProvider
An instance provider that requests an instance of a class from a captured lambda.
ConstructingInstanceProvider class ConstructingInstanceProvider : InstanceProvider
Provides objects via instance construction. Type must be annotated with Constructable.
Dagger2InstanceProvider abstract class Dagger2InstanceProvider : InstanceProvider
KObjectInstanceProvider class KObjectInstanceProvider : InstanceProvider
Handles Kotlin object and companion object types.
ThrowingInstanceProvider interface ThrowingInstanceProvider : InstanceProvider
Same as InstanceProvider, but throws ClassInstanceNotFoundException instead of returning null.